Our Community

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence and our Local Governing Bodies are highly valued members of our school communities.

Our Supporters

Our volunteers possess a varied skill set and support their local schools by driving high standards of achievement for all children and young people. They do this through contributing to strategic discussions at meetings, holding school leaders to account by monitoring the school’s performance and ensuring school staff have the resources, premises and support they need to do their jobs well.

Our community | Marches Academy Trust

Our Trustees and Members

Our Trustees and Members, like Directors of other companies, are registered at Companies House. They share a number of duties that ensures the successful and efficient management of the Academy Trust, our schools and the management of the Trust’s business affairs.

Community Partners

We work with a number of local initiatives and organisations to support our community efforts and play an active part in the development and flourishing of our community. Additionally, we host conferences and events throughout the year to connect with the national educational community.

"Working Today to Protect Tomorrow"

Marches Academy Trust is committed to creating schools of the future that promotes learning for life by ensuring we deliver our Trust core values of excellence, equality, integrity, empathy and creativity in everything that we do. An important part of this pivotal role includes the way we engage with our communities to ensure a sustainable, ethical and inclusive future.

Our Trust recognise it is critical to deliver inclusive education, sustainable environments and healthy spaces for all of our children and young people, staff and communities whilst minimising our impact on the environment and protecting the future of our planet.

We embrace our social obligation and recognise that as global citizens, we have a moral responsibility to contribute to the wellbeing of our environment and wider society. As such our Trust seeks to actively make socially responsible decisions in all it does so that together we can grow.

Other Things We Do

The Marches Academy Trust has set up the 4 All Foundation, which supports children, young people, adults, and older residents in Shropshire and the surrounding counties, to reach their full potential.

The Foundation responds to the needs of those in the community by working in partnership with local town councils (Shropshire Council and Telford and Wrekin Council), other charities, and education providers, and by communicating directly with the local community.