Meet Andy

Andy joined the Marches Academy Trust in 2011 as an Attendance Officer at Marches School and quickly used his previous experience in systems and information management to gain promotion to the School Improvement Team. This has enabled Andy to support the schools in improving information flow and reduce the number of IT packages in use resulting in driving efficiency. Andy now supports all schools across the Trust with student attendance, systems and information flow.

Andy Lowe, Team Members | Marches Academy Trust
30+years experience

Supporting our family of schools and connecting with our communities to ensure processes are efficient and effective in order to support our Trust strategic priorities.

Andy Lowe, Attendance and Data

About Andy

Andy has developed systems across the Trust to drive efficiency and support the Anytime, Anywhere Learning strategic objective. Andy joined from the Armed Forces where he was employed in the area of Information Management supporting RAF leaders at Board level. He is keen to remove unnecessary work to ensure teachers and support staff can focus on the education of children and young people across the schools. He is passionate about school attendance and believes the best place for a child to learn is for them to be an active part of a school community.

Andy works closely with the other members of the School Improvement Team ensuring the systems are robust and provide a solution that is responsive, flexible, and tailored to individual needs and strengths. Outside of work, Andy has a passion for railways and is an active volunteer on the Llangollen Railway. He also spends his spare time with his family visiting Wales.

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