Meet Cathy

Cathy has worked in education for over 12 years and have taught had three different secondaries. Her main area of interests are reading, English and Literacy and she has previously been a Literacy Lead, Deputy Director and Director of English. Cathy also takes on the role of a GCSE examiner for Eduqas and specialises in the transactional writing aspect of the course which helps students to develop the skills they need for the world of work and become.

10+years experience

Having a great grasp of English prepares students for life beyond the classroom and ensures they are able to fulfil their potential. It is my belief that it is every teacher's responsibility to foster and nurture a love of language and of reading, writing and communicating with one another.

Cathy Barnett, Literacy and English

About Cathy

This is Cathy’s eighth year at sir John Talbot’s School and has recently undertaken they National Professional Qualifications – NPQML and NPQSL whilst working in the Trust. Her passions are sharing and enjoying books for staff, communities and of course the students. She embraces a variety of ways of enjoying texts and has undertaken research about the use of audiobooks for students. Cathy loves reading fact and fiction books and loves getting reading recommendations from the amazing students.

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