Meet Hayley

Hayley joined the Marches Academy Trust when it was in its early stages of growth, She has supported the schools to move into the digital era of marketing and worked to improve engagement and reach across social media. Hayley supports schools and the Trust with all aspects of marketing with an interest in growing the digital presence and has strategically grown the brand of the Trust. With a background in Operational leadership, Hayley has been able to move the marketing function forward with expertise delivering wide-ranging and pro-active support.

Hayley Alldridge | Marches Academy Trust
22+years experience

"I love my role as Director of Marketing and Communications in the fast-paced sector of education because every day is a thrilling journey, where creativity meets strategy, and innovation transforms into impact. It's not just a job; it's a dynamic adventure where I get to shape narratives, spark connections, and drive change, making every moment worth cherishing."

Hayley Alldridge, Director of Marketing and Communications

About Hayley

Hayley is a tenacious marketing and communications expert with a proven track record of driving success in the corporate world. With a passion for showcasing great work of children and staff in the Trust’s school and a strategic mindset, she has consistently achieved exceptional results by bridging the gap between the school and their communities.

As Director of Marketing and Communications, Hayley has spent years at the forefront of the industry, orchestrating marketing campaigns that have not only generated buzz but have also delivered tangible results. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and engage audiences across diverse channels has made her a key member of the Trust’s Shared Services team.

Strategy, communication and collaboration

Hayley approaches marketing with a strategic mindset, focusing on data-driven decision-making and a deep understanding of market trends. She has a knack for identifying opportunities for growth and creating comprehensive strategies that propel the Trust to the next level.
Communication is at the heart of what Hayley does. She believes that clear and authentic communication is the key to building trust and relationships with families, stakeholders, and team members alike. In the ever-evolving world of marketing and communications, Hayley is a true innovator. She constantly explores new technologies and trends to keep her strategies fresh and effective, ensuring that the Trust remains competitive in a fast-paced landscape.

Hayley understands the importance of collaboration and teamwork. She values the input of her colleagues and believes that the best results are achieved when diverse talents come together. Her leadership style fosters creativity and empowers her teams to excel. When not in work, you’ll normally find Hayley mountain biking, running and exploring the countryside.

Rugby match, Shrewsbury Academy | Marches Academy Trust

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