Meet Mandy

Mandy has worked in Shropshire Schools since 1998. She is passionate about curriculum development and providing pupils with the best possible start to their Education.

She has been a Headteacher since 2014 and has successfully built teams, grown leaders, challenged school systems and been aspirational for every family. She believes the best growth is built upon authentic relationships and context driven education.

Mandy has a strong relationship with the Lichfield Diocese as she is a church school leader and has a degree in RE & Theology. She is passionate about pupils being able to impact communities and have a strong understanding of who they are and their place in the world.

25years experience

I have a passion for ensuring every child from Nursery to Sixth Form and beyond has access to a good education. Learning for life is at our core and helping our young person achieve their ambitions is the most important part of my role.

Mandy, Associate Executive Director of Education

About Mandy

Mandy has supported schools and been involved with curriculum development her whole career and understands the rural challenges of our Shropshire schools. She was born in Northern Ireland and came to England to study at Chester University in 1994. She is a passionate learner who believes that everyone can learn given the right circumstances and support.

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