Meet Michelle

Michelle joined the Marches Academy Trust in 2014, to teach MFL at Key Stage 2 through to Sixth Form. She previously taught MFL and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at schools in the East Midlands and North Wales.

Michelle qualified at Nottingham University in 1998 and since then has undertaken various roles including Head of Subject, Head of Department, Head of Year 7, Head of Recruitment and Transition, Head of Sixth form and Assistant Headteacher with many of her roles being at Sir John Talbot’s School in Whitchurch.

Michelle is now supporting the Trust in an advisory capacity where she helps secondary schools with all aspects of Sixth Form leadership including training for new Heads of Sixth Form, policy writing, UCAS support, CEIAG support all whilst producing a handbook for Sixth Form leaders.

Michelle has a passion for MFL and delivers French, German and Spanish and also has a love for helping deliver and develop the EPQ programme.

Michelle Jones, Team Members | Marches Academy Trust

About Michelle

Michelle is a firm believer educational levelling up, raising aspiration and widening participation. Her focus is on what a young person’s life could look like years after they leave school. Her rive is to ensure young people can reach their potential and this is at the heart of everything she does. Education is a stepping stone and what is learnt at school impacts directly on the future.

Michelle is particularly interested in using the latest technology to help develop skills to ensure our students are ready for the workplace of the future, enhancing future potential through curriculum breadth and using the latest research to inform policy and practice.

Outside of work, you’ll find Michelle hiking, cooking, reading, travelling, and visiting family in Edinburgh.

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