Meet Niki

Niki joined the Marches Academy Trust when Woodlands School merged in 2021 although has worked in education for 16 years having worked in a specialist provision to support children and young people who are neurodiverse.

Currently, Niki is leading on student voice (MAT One Voice) which is enabling our Trust to gain students’ experiences of education within their own schools.

With a background of managing a pastoral team with a keen focus on supporting families especially those with disengaged children to embrace their school community and access a diverse and inclusive provision. Niki created bespoke programmes by removing barriers for young people and children in order to access an education in some form.

Niki McGarvey, Team Members | Marches Academy Trust

It is so important to have a collaboration of minds and shared victories within education, I am privileged and keen to develop connections, fostering unity, and empowering each student to reach their potential. This journey lies not only in the curriculum we deliver but in the bonds, we forge, the resilience we support, and the shared achievement.

Niki McGarvey, Personal Development and Student Voice

About Niki

Niki is an expert in the field of trauma related childhood experiences with a proven track record of reconnecting children and young people with their school community. This isn’t just about getting the child into a classroom but about developing an environment that allows the child to feel secure, connected and a drive to navigate and create their own journey. Niki has consistently achieved exceptional results by bridging the gap between the family, the child, the school and the community.

Niki has spent years at the forefront supporting some of our most vulnerable children and aspires to create school communities that are robust, flexible and inclusive of all creating greater connectivity.

Her ability to craft personalised pathways ensures she engages with all audiences across diverse channels resulting in her being a key member of the Trust’s Shared Services team.

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