The Marches Sixth Form students recently took part in the Erasmus exchange trip to Norway. It was a very busy trip with a jam packed itinerary.

On Wednesday, the students took a trip to Oslo, where they had the opportunity to visit the Viking Museum. Later in the day they visited Oslo centre after receiving a talk and tour relating to the terrorism attack, in which 77 lives were taken by Anders Breivik on the 22nd July 2011.

On Thursday the students were treated to a presentation by writer Sylo Taraku. He gave an interesting talk focussing on the topics of: immigration, social inclusion, the impact of populism and polarization inside democracy and the influence of how media affects these and extremism. After the presentation the students were split into groups to perform a task where they pondered the question ‘which values do you think your society should be based on’. Later on in the day with the task complete, the students enjoyed time at the beach where they took part in some sports and had a BBQ.

Friday was Norwegian National Day, where the students got to take part in the parade to celebrate the signing of the constitution. The trip concluded with students attending a leaving party with their hosts present at the partnered Sixth Form College. The trip ended on a high with students experiencing a taste of traditional Norwegian cuisine.