Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)

An Academy Trust is a particular type of company, officially called a ‘charitable company limited by guarantee’.

The Marches Academy Trust company number is 07680422. Unlike other companies an Academy Trust has no share capital and is required to direct all funds received to achieving the objectives of the Trust.

In the case of the Marches Academy Trust, the primary objective – as stated in its articles of association – is ‘to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom’.

Trustees, like Directors of other companies, are registered at Companies House. Their main duties are:

• The daily running of the Academy Trust and the management of the Trust’s business affairs;
• Ensuring the standard of education at schools within the Trust:
• Entering into contracts on the Trust’s behalf;
• Ensuring that relevant statutory documents are delivered to Companies House;
• Managing the Academy Trust’s finances and property;
• Taking part in board meetings of the Trustees.