HegartyMaths have recognised The Grove School, as one of their ‘Super Schools’, placing them as one of their top-performing schools in the country. The Grove School is also placed fourth nationally for the amount of feedback given to students by Maths Teachers and for the amount of ‘Fix Up 5 Questions’ answered by students.

HegartyMaths is an online learning platform used by all students in Maths at The Grove School for Years 7-11. All students have weekly homework set on HegartyMaths, and this is the platform that teachers use to provide the majority of written feedback for students. The tasks consist of a tutorial video that the students watch and make notes on in their Hegarty exercise books, then a quiz of questions that match the examples in the tutorial video.

Through the course of the year, The Grove students have worked really hard spending on average 10 hours each on the platform and answering more than half a million questions!

Claire Lyth, Director of Studies for Mathematics at The Grove School commented: “Students at The Grove School have shown great determination in Maths, especially through their use of HegartyMaths. Every year we see a strong link between the amount of time students spend on HegartyMaths and their levels of progress. I am so proud of the achievements of all of our students and teachers, especially as we remain in the top 5 nationally for the number of ‘Fix Up 5 Questions’ answered and the amount of feedback given by staff to students.”