Inclusion and Belonging Within Our Schools

There is a strong inclusion framework that all our schools commit to, securing an infrastructure in each school to support our children and young people through their learning journey.

As a Trust we understand that all our young people need a sense of belonging, our schools are a strong collection of unique establishments that collect to form our family

To ensure our children and young people always get our best, our family of schools work together to share expertise, continually develop and reflect thinking and from this, mobilise the best environments and provision for our pupils.

As a Trust we are focusing on empowering everyone to live and breathe ‘Achievement through Caring’ and reach their true potential.

For our schools this means, we believe securing greater control at a local level, while maintain responsibility for effectiveness overall as a Trust is a good practice model.  Allowing schools to lead and drive their school improvement while having the mechanisms to give direct intervention and support to secure this.

For our children and young people, it’s about giving them a voice.  So collectively the ‘ONE VOICE’ at Marches help drive the decision making and reflection at our Trust.

This group has a commitment:

  • To enable our Trust children and young people to be able to share their individual voice, views, comments, and ideas.
  • To ensure involvement of children and young people in the Trust’s decision making.
  • To make sure that children and young people at Marches Academy Trust have a place to voice their concerns.
  • To encourage all children in our school to suggest improvements that not only will improve their school, but all Trust schools.
  • To make sure that any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.
  • Give a space to discuss wider issues and ideas that arise in class/individual schools and secure these then being listened to by the Trust through the Executive team.
  • The voice then taking discussions back into their schools so this ensures that as many voices as possible are heard.