Benefits for Schools

Our Trust is a Shropshire based multi academy Trust with 4 secondary schools, 5 primary schools, (3 of whom are Church of England) schools and an all through SEMH school. We have a wealth of experience in staff across all our schools and this is shared through collaboration and networking to benefit our whole Trust community. A strong Shared Services team offers HR, Finance, Marketing, Governance, IT and School Improvement support.

Why should schools join a Trust?

Join our family of schools to collaborate with colleagues across the Trust to develop fun and engaging learning opportunities.

Schools in our Trust benefit from an experienced Shared Services team that includes IT, Marketing, Finance, HR and Governance. Added to this we have a talented Quality Assurance and School Support (QASS) team which includes Safeguarding, SEND, Attendance, Sport, Community, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Raising Standards Directors.

Achievement through caring

As a Trust we are focusing on empowering everyone to live and breathe ‘Achievement through Caring’ and reach their true potential. For our schools this means we believe securing greater control at a local level, whilst maintaining responsibility for effectiveness overall as a Trust is a good practice model. We allow schools to lead and drive their school improvements, while having the mechanisms to give direct intervention and support to secure this.


Quality teaching

We promote quality first teaching that has the learning journey of our children at the forefront with high standards that work towards success.

Fair opportunities

We ensure that there is a fair opportunity for all. We have high aspirations for our schools, teachers, children and young people and are understanding of all different points of view.

Shared vision

Through our family of schools, we’re all working towards the same goal. We are one Trust and one team sharing the same voice to the benefit of our children, young people and schools.

Marches Academy Trust Equality Duty Statement

We intend to fulfil our responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty with regard to its children, young people and its workforce. The Public Sector Equality Duty requires our Trust to publish information about qualities, specifically taking the following protected characteristics into account. Protected Characteristics in relation to the workforce includes all 9 protected characteristics:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and Civil Partnerships
  • Pregnancy / Maternity
  • Race
  • Religion and Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Protected Characteristics in relation to children and young people in a school setting excludes:
  • Age
  • Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Our schools support, collaborate and challenge each other. Together we work towards the same shared goal and objective – to promote future change for our children and young people.