Lower Heath CE Primary School is thrilled to announce the exceptional outcome of its recent Ofsted inspection. The school has been rated “Good” in all areas, showcasing its commitment to providing a high-quality education for its children.

This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of the school’s staff, children, and the entire school community. It is a testament to Lower Heath CE Primary School’s continuous efforts to provide an environment where students can flourish academically and personally.

Headteacher Helen Reynolds expressed her gratitude for the wholehearted commitment of the school’s staff, parents, and children. “We are delighted with this ‘Good’ rating in all areas by Ofsted. It reflects the collaborative effort of our passionate teachers, supportive community, close work with the church and enthusiastic children who all contribute to our school’s success”.

The Ofsted report highlighted several areas of strength, including the quality of teaching, the school’s strong leadership team, and the progress made by children across different subjects. The school’s inclusive and nurturing environment was also praised.

Alexander Laney, Lead Inspector detailed that “This is a warm and welcoming school. Staff enjoy working here. They know their pupils and their families well. They use this knowledge to cultivate strong, nurturing relationships with pupils which is valued. The schools’ core values of love, faith, respect, fellowship and thankfulness are at the heart of its work. For example, pupils develop strong bonds of fellowship in their mixed aged classes. These shine through in pupils’ interactions with their peers”.

The nursery at the school is now offering places to 3 year olds and does have some space in other classes across the school. If you’d like to arrange a visit, please call 01948 840824 or visit lowerheath.co.uk.