The Marches Academy Trust is praising the outstanding work of The Marches School Local Governing Body and commending the voluntary work of its Chair Mr Mark Liquorish.

Now retired, Mark gives his time fully to help shape the strategic vision of the school, recruit the very best teachers and ensure every child is given the best possible chance of a good education, providing them with the life skills to move forward.

Mark, who has been a governor for 25 years, considers himself to be a critical friend of the school. He is involved in weekly leadership meetings, provides a listening ear to all staff members and attends many of the wide-ranging school events.

Mark is also a board member of the Alliance of Leading Learning and Trustee of the Marches Academy, responsible for educational standards and staffing. He draws upon his previous management skills, having worked in the Health Care sector for over 42 years, where he managed a team of up to 50 staff and developed his skills in logistics management, budgetary control, people management and statistical analysis.

Mark is also eager to share his knowledge and provide advice to young learners. As a lead member of the Rotarians, he has actively supported the Year 11 pupils who are considering entering the world of work during their mock interviews. He has been instrumental in setting up the School Governors’ Awards, which recognise and celebrate pupil achievements annually at a prestigious ceremony.

Mark commented, ‘I enjoy what I do and I believe in young people who are our citizens of tomorrow. The Marches School, as a community school, is educating children regardless of their class, colour, creed or ability, and is committed to raising aspirations.’

He added “The Marches School is a good school with outstanding features and strives to provide all pupils with the very best education.”

Sarah Longville, Chief Executive of the Marches Academy Trust said, “The unsung heroes of the Marches School are the individuals on the governing body. The amount of voluntary work our governors undertake is often over looked as they go above and beyond the call of duty to drive sustainable change to the school, the trust and the lives of our young people.”