Connecting With Our Community

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence and our Local Governing Bodies are highly valued members of our school communities.

an image depicting a meeting with hands holding pens and paper

Our volunteers possess a varied skill set and support their local schools by driving high standards of achievement for all children and young people. They do this through contributing to strategic discussions at meetings, holding school leaders to account by monitoring the school’s performance and ensuring the school staff have the resources, premises and support they require to do their jobs well.

Our Local Governing Bodies provide a local level of access and accountability, and the Board of Trustees ensures that the Trust connects with our local Governors on a regular basis. This happens during monthly meetings between our Chairs and LGBs send Governor representatives to the Board of Trustees committee meetings for education, finance and operations, and audit & risk. This cooperative structure helps maintain and triangulate communication as well as deepen partnerships and connection.

As a result, the Trust benefits from a strong succession plan which ensures our Board of Trustees possesses a varied and highly developed skill set that can robustly support the Trust’s growth and lend its strength to our family of schools.