Our Offer

Across our family of schools, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality education and superb pastoral care whilst inspiring our children and young people to achieve their potential and be happy.

We strive for excellence

Excellence is one of our five values as a Trust, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. We know that our schools have the knowledge, expertise and skills already but through our approach we help them harness this to drive towards excellence.

Supporting the future of teaching

The Alliance of Leading Learning

The Alliance of Leading Learning is the professional learning arm of the Marches Academy Trust. The goal of the Alliance is to embrace a school led system to provide gold standard professional learning for all and offer help to schools that require support. All of this results in the same objective: ensuring there is a life changing impact on children and young people, as well as the teachers who build the future of our schools.

Leading providers of teacher training in the West Midlands

Teaching is an immensely rewarding career that allows you to use your skills to inspire young people and really make a difference to their future. By connecting with the Alliance of Leading Learning, you’ll get access to some of the best teacher training in the UK.

Joining our Trust can help you elevate your school, staff, and the community, and unlock everyones full potential