Quality Assurance & Wellbeing

Excellence is one of our five Trust values. We strive for excellence in all we do and are committed to securing bright futures for all our children and young people. We reflect frequently on our strengths and improvement areas and are honest and thoughtful in our self-review. We quality assure our practice with rigour and where we feel improvements can be made, we deploy our school support and improvement consultants to work with our MAT schools and external schools through a coaching model to secure excellence.

A coaching model that works

Our coaching model is used because we know that schools have the knowledge, expertise, and skills within them that can be harnessed to build on potential and drive towards excellence. Our school support and improvement consultants work smartly with teachers and leaders to investigate areas for improvement before providing support that focuses on the crux of the issue.

Achievement through caring

Our approach is rooted in collaboration, teamwork, mutual respect, and a desire for collective excellence. It is at the heart of our vision of ‘achievement through caring’ and is achieved through our investment in staff welfare which provides the following benefits:

  • There’s a direct association between teacher and children and young people wellbeing.
  • Increased wellbeing is associated with an increase in performance.
  • Reduction in illness and absence.
  • Better stress management.
  • Increased job satisfaction.
Staff Wellbeing Quality Assurance | Marches Academy Trust

Staff wellbeing

We focus on the importance of staff wellbeing, as well as children and young people’s wellbeing – it’s about our physical, mental, and emotional health as a whole. The emphasis is on achieving balance – when we feel good across these areas, our wellbeing is good.

Good wellbeing is achieved when there is a balance between the resources you have available and the challenges you face. When your challenges outweigh the resources you have, things can become off balance.

Benefits for teachers
Wellbeing at the Core | Marches Academy Trust

Wellbeing at the core

Wellbeing should be at the core of all schools and Multi Academy Trusts. We fully recognise that we are beginning the cultural change across the Trust to ensure our staff team can flourish. We believe:

  • Flourishing teachers inspire children and young people to flourish.
  • Flourishing teachers create the foundations for learning to flourish.
  • Flourishing leaders in education enable teachers to live a balance life inside and outside school – which in turn delivers an implicit message that teachers and their wellbeing are valued and valuable.
  • Flourishing schools provide the bedrock for balanced perspectives, balanced approaches, balanced attitudes and balanced living – for all.