Students from Sir John Talbot’s School have helped design the Caldecott Arts Festival logo. The Caldecott Arts Festival is a new arts festival inspired by artist and writer, Randolph Caldecott who lived in Whitchurch in the 1860s.

The inaugural event is planned for Saturday 19th March 2022.

Roisin Porter designed the main part of the logo in addition to work submitted by with Damica Mason who inspired the font.

Students from the school will also feature on parts of the website with the skyline by Isla Cotton being used as a footer on the site, the flowers submitted by Ava Mansell and the drawing submitted by Harriet Hulse will all be used in some way on the site.

There is clearly a lot of talent amongst the students with the judging panel excited to see so many students submitting designs.

The logo and other designs will be used to promote the festival in addition to the website and other material produced to showcase the festival.

Dr Norma Raynes, Chairman of the Caldecott Arts Festival Steering Group comments “There is clearly a lot of talent amongst the students at Sir John Talbot’s School and we are very grateful for the effort they all took to prepare the entries.

We really appreciate the encouragement Rachael gave to her students so that we got this splendid response.

The judging panel we’re very impressed by the contributions and very clear in their view which designs would be the winners.

The majority of the 32 entries for the logo design work came from Sir John Talbot’s School and we look forward to continuing to work with the school as we prepare the event.”