The Marches School is addressing County Lines and the risks to young people in Oswestry and the surrounding areas, head on with performances on raising awareness of child criminal exploitation.

AlterEgo Creative Solutions have performed a ‘County Lines’ production, based on real life, that has proven highly effective in raising awareness of child criminal exploitation in young people.

The show has been shown to all year groups, which is a first for the production cast. They commented “we normally perform to one or two year groups, it is amazing that we get to perform to the whole school and a community showing for parents, carers and member of the public”.

The performance demonstrates a real life scenario on how young people are recruited for County Lines. It shows how the gangs and organised criminal groups work to ‘recruit’ young people and how to recognize the signs then what to do.

Following sponsorship from STAR Housing and The Walker Trust, The Marches School was able to host a free performance for the public to show how County Lines gangs work and what they can do to help protect young people.

Alison Pearson, Headteacher at The Marches School comments “As educators, knowing that child exploitation destroys possibilities and talent, having this opportunity to bring the learning to life through this powerful drama has been amazing. We are grateful to our two sponsors for their vision in recognising the importance of the project. Seeing the community at the evening show taking advantage of the experience was wonderful”.

If you think a young person you know is being targeted or is in immediate danger, please call 999. If you need further advice, please contact: Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111.