Paddy is an inspiration of how we can all do our bit to help others. Paddy spent his own time to collect toys and sweets to donate to the local Whitchurch food bank this Christmas.

At Tilstock CE Primary School ‘Courageous advocacy’ involves being courageous enough to speak out against injustice. Pupils are encouraged to come together to become informed about issues that people across the world are facing and to tackle issues, support and educate other people, and to improve both their local community as well as helping to address global problems.

Children at the school live out the school’s Christian values by supporting others through a wide range of charity work which takes place throughout the year, supporting charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC, Samaritan’s Purse, Comic Relief, Children in Need, and a range of local charities which children regularly feel moved to help out, such as local food banks and organisations supporting learning needs. However, encouraging children to be courageous advocates goes much further than this, and requires time to introduce them to the range of issues faced across the world, and giving them the opportunities to raise awareness and help find solutions.