Our Vision

Achievement through Caring

Our Trust collaborates to find the way forward

Autonomy within strategy means that we celebrate the differences in each school within the Marches Academy Trust; there is no blueprint, and each school has a curriculum model that is unique to their context. Shared principles link our schools, alongside the collaboration opportunities that bring subject and phase specialists together across the Trust. Our schools support, collaborate and challenge each other in healthy peer reviews.

Celebrate Difference Teaching Curriculum | Marches Academy Trust

Wealth of experience

As a Trust, we’re currently working together to co-construct an education model that will build on our experiences as a Multi Academy Trust over the past 11 years. We will take everything that we have learnt – across all our schools and within our Trust – to make changes for the better. We’re investigating how our schools can be responsive to the needs of our children and young people and staff in this rapidly changing world.


The Marches Academy Trust have begun a robust programme to embed a culture of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB). Our schools have reviewed practice in a consultative-led strategy which has resulted in a 3-year strategic plan.

Other Benefits

Why join our Trust?

Join our community of schools who share one voice and one mission.

How to join the trust

If you’ve considered joining a trust, take a look at our process to join.

Pupils at the centre

Our pathways are designed with the learner at the forefront.

Support for parents

With our approach, parents are given reassurance and confidence.

Helping schools succeed

Our schools are a strong collection of unique establishments.

Dedicated teacher training

Receive support and guidance each step of your career.

Built for the community

We actively champion local activities to support young people.