Learning for Life

We want to help our Trust schools to create experiences for our children and staff that mean education can be through ‘Anytime, anywhere learning’.
We will do this by ‘Building a community of lifelong learners’ supported by a ‘Dynamic and flexible workforce’ that is informed and shaped by ‘Research led education’.

These four priorities under the banner of ‘Learning for Life’ are at the core of the activity of our Trust Quality Assurance Team and more broadly the networks of staff across our Trust.


Introducing The Trust Quality Assurance Team:

David O’Toole – Deputy CEO of The Marches Academy Trust

Carla Whelan – Executive Director of Education


Education Improvement Directors:

Amy Chevin Dooley – Director of Inclusion

Claire Turner – Director of Teaching and Learning

Jasmin Taylor – Director of Teaching and Learning  (Primary Education)

Michelle Jones – Director of Teaching and Learning (Post 16 / UCAS)

Andrew Lowe – Director of Information Management and Attendance

Nicki Mac Garvey – Director of Behaviour and Wellbeing

George Hounsell – Director of Sport, Health and Community