Our Curriculum

The curriculum offer in all Marches Academy Trust schools is rooted in a commitment to meet the needs of all learners and equip them to confidently enter the next phase of their lives.

Our curriculum is different because we care about the future of our pupils. We care about the skills, knowledge, and experiences we offer. We care about our pupils’ differences and the dreams our pupils have for their futures.

Learning that broadens horizons

Marches Academy Trust schools shape their approach to learning to engage children in relevant, rich, contemporary and traditional studies and experiences that promote curiosity and broaden their horizons.

The curriculum is carefully crafted by each of our schools to meet the needs of every child within it and our schools care about getting this right.

Executive support for schools

The Trust Executive team support schools to reflect on, and improve, their curriculum regularly so that it constantly evolves in an ever-changing world. The impact of this iterative approach is that every child is immersed in a blend of experiences, education, mindset growth, high aspiration, life skills and character development. All of this combines to build a solid foundation.

We care about the futures of all our children and know that our curriculum is the key to their success. Our vision for learning is:

  • Inclusive: No barriers to learning
  • Exciting: Brings learning to life
  • Sequential: Preparing young people for the next stage of their journey
Executive Support for Schools | Marches Academy Trust
Understanding and Listening | Marches Academy Trust

Understanding and listening

As a Trust, we instil the importance to our family of schools of taking the time to understand all children – and listen. This removes barriers and broadens horizons through an exciting, stimulating and rich offering that meets the needs of all learners.

Our Pathways | Marches Academy Trust


Our curriculum is not composed solely of academic and vocational learning, it is much broader than that. We provide a rich curriculum experience that feeds the minds, bodies and souls of our children and young people. We are committed to ensuring all young people have access to a range of stimulating experiences, opportunities and enlightening moments that prepare them for life beyond our Trust and equip them to lead happy, fulfilled lives.