Benefits of joining the Marches Academy Trust

More and more schools are joining academy Trusts to benefit from learning collaborations, access to central services such as HR, Finance, IT and Marketing, access to professional learning opportunities for all and capital investments in their school environments.

These are just some of the benefits of joining Marches Academy Trust – see more of the benefits of joining us below.


People First Strategy

Everything we do is geared towards championing and supporting everyone in our Trust and we have a strong career pathway for all staff. We embed equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging across our schools and embrace and support the uniqueness of every individual.


Learning for Life

Our philosophy centres on inclusive education for all. Each school designs their curriculum models to suit the needs of their learners. A rich and diverse enrichment programme helps to nurture and develop our children and young people so that they have the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Schools embrace the unique nature of each of our local communities and we encourage them to actively participate.

Quality assurance systems are embedded to ensure excellence and we strongly encourage cross-Trust collaboration.

Community Connection | Marches Academy Trust

Community Connection

Our communities are at the centre of our schools and strategic objectives. We work with our schools to deliver community plans and continue to develop governance at all levels.

Our community partners
Sustainable Future | Marches Academy Trust

Sustainable Future

We’ve identified a range of funding streams that enable our schools and Marches Academy Trust to obtain vital and necessary resources and fund opportunities. We complete energy efficiency audits and have adopted a sustainability working party to work with schools in a collaborative effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our schools. Each year we develop a fully costed, prioritised capital expenditure programme for the entire Trust estate as we work towards our schools being powered by renewable energy sources.

Other Benefits

Why join our Trust?

Join our community of schools who share one voice and one mission.

How to join the trust

If you’ve considered joining a trust, take a look at our process to join.

Pupils at the centre

Our pathways are designed with the learner at the forefront.

Support for parents

With our approach, parents are given reassurance and confidence.

Helping schools succeed

Our schools are a strong collection of unique establishments.

Dedicated teacher training

Receive support and guidance each step of your career.

Built for the community

We actively champion local activities to support young people.