Benefits for Staff

We believe our teachers should be successful creative lifelong learners. They know how to learn, acquire skills, and feel safe to take risks with confidence and courage. Our vision is to embrace the school led system to provide gold standard professional learning – ensuring life changing impact on children and young people. This is achieved through our dedication to a talent pathway, a wellbeing support programme and training and professional development opportunities.

Talent Pathway

The Marches Academy Trust invest in our talent pathway, to ensure our staff team have a clear sense of purpose, an appreciation of everyone’s unique contribution to the Trust and a strong sense of belonging recognising that the Trust exists to deliver the highest standards of education. Our Talent Pathway enables our staff team to identify the standards of excellence that pertain to their role, the professional development they have had to support them to reach these and the next steps they will be undertaking.

Staff wellbeing

At Marches Academy Trust our central drive is Achievement through Caring. Wellbeing is at our core, and we are beginning to drive the cultural change across the Trust to ensure our staff team can flourish. We provide free and confidential services that are offered to each Trust employee – namely through the Schools Advisory Service.

To further support the wellbeing of staff, all Trust schools have signed up to the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. Signing up to the charter is a public commitment to actively promote mental health and wellbeing through Trust policy and practice.

Our wellbeing toolkit has quality assured recommended resources and strategies which are fully accessible and freely available.


Quality teaching

We promote quality first teaching that has the learning journey of our children at the forefront with high standards that work towards success.

Fair opportunities

We ensure that there is a fair opportunity for all. We have high aspirations for our schools, staff, children and young people and are understanding of all different points of view.

Shared vision

Through our family of schools, we’re all working towards the same goal. We are one Trust and one team sharing the same voice to the benefit of our children, young people and schools.

Our wellbeing offer

The benefits of investing in staff wellbeing are:

  • There is a direct association between staff and children and young people wellbeing.
  • Increased wellbeing is associated with an increase in performance.
  • Reduction in illness and absence.
  • Better stress management.
  • Increased job satisfaction.
Staff Wellbeing Offer | Marches Academy Trust

Schools Advisory Service (SAS)

The Schools Advisory Service are a leading provider of Staff Absence Insurance for Schools with Whole School Wellbeing Services for Staff and Children. The Trust have secured a wellbeing offer for all Trust staff, please click {here} to access the latest SAS brochure outlining the services available including menopause support, staff wellbeing clinics, bereavement counselling and other counselling services.

Marches Academy Trust Conference 2022

In February 2022 we brought together 400 staff from the Marches Academy Trust – giving them the chance to network, embrace expertise and engage with our vision of the school of the future. Colleagues from across our 10 schools delivered workshops – harnessing the talent of staff from the Trust. Our keynote was a real expert in the field. Mick Waters has probably changed secondary schools more profoundly than anyone in the past 20 years. Our conference gave us the opportunity to bring a large number of teachers together after a difficult few years illustrating the importance of bringing people together to provide high-quality professional learning to drive school improvement across our MAT schools.

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