Benefits for Parents

Making the choice of which school is best for your child is one of the hardest decisions a parent will make. Attending school is the first big milestone in our lives where we learn, make friends, establish our personalities, and begin to acquire skills and knowledge that will set us up for life. When choosing a school for your child, there are a number of benefits for parents of selecting one that is part of a Multi Academy Trust.

Family of schools

Our Trust includes Primary and Secondary schools through Shropshire and the West Midlands, and our schools collaborate with one another on initiatives such as varsity events which promotes teamwork. This collaboration creates cohesion across the schools and provides comfort and reassurance for parents with children moving from Primary to Secondary, learning that their child will remain in an establishment that carries the same values and ethos from younger year into their teens.

Quality teaching practices

All schools within a Trust will follow the same common teaching and learning practices from school to school. Our teachers follow a common professional development programme (CPD) which adds value to the children and young people within our schools, whilst also helping our teachers to progress and evolve as educators. As a Trust our schools follow the same quality assurances so as a parent, you can be rest assured that your child’s school will have an enhanced reputation for excellence, thanks to the collaborative approach of our schools and Trust combined, with the latest technologies and improvements in the school throughout.


Quality teaching

We promote quality first teaching that has the learning journey of our children at the forefront with high standards that work towards success.

Fair opportunities

We ensure that there is a fair opportunity for all. We have high aspirations for our schools, teachers children and young people and are understanding of all different points of view.

Shared vision

Through our family of schools, we’re all working towards the same goal. We are one Trust and one team sharing the same voice to the benefit of our children, young people and schools.

Cultural competency

Using our cultural competency assessment framework, we as a Trust will:

  • Produce Assessment Reports for each school
  • Assess the schools’ present level of cultural competency and set bench marking
  • Update Trustees/Local Governing Bodies
  • Use the school report, assessment level and feedback to develop a 3-year Equality Strategy/Policy
  • Include up to four Marches Academy Trust Equality objectives
  • Consult on a draft equality strategy/policy
  • Produce a consultation/engagement report with its findings
  • Amend strategy to reflect feedback and launch
  • Produce communications on the above and distribute accordingly
  • Launch the strategy to include a Training and Development Plan

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