Who We Are and What We Do

Hello, I am Sarah Finch, CEO of our academy trust.

We work together as a team putting our children, young people, and communities at the centre of all that we do. Our schools support, collaborate and challenge each other. Each school has their own unique qualities which are evident as soon as you step through the door. Shared policies across the Trust link our schools together, however we encourage autonomy within policy as we believe that there is no blueprint, and each school must have curriculum and assessment models that reflect their children, young people and communities.

We pride ourselves on being a strong part of our local communities and their contribution and involvement is reflected in each school.
Currently we are working together to co-construct schools that build on the things we have learnt over the past 10 years; we are investigating how we can develop our schools, so they continue to be responsive to the needs of our children, young people and staff in this rapidly changing world.